How to Increase Company Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Recent changes to working conditions require remote and in-office team members to collaborate and deliver high productivity. Microsoft Teams is an invaluable tool helping bridge communication gaps as companies trend towards a digital workplace.

Flexibility in 2020: A New Requirement

These days, flexibility for team members to work remotely has become critical. New and unique circumstances have blurred the lines between work and personal life more than ever. None of us know if or when working conditions would ever return to pre-2020 times, but each of us—and our team members—has to adapt to these changes, today.

Challenges for a Mobile Workforce

Keeping everyone on the same page and working effectively has become an important focus for leaders. One complication with a distributed workforce is staying in touch with team members, and being just as connected and productive while working outside of the office as inside the office. Team members can become isolated or out of touch with their departments and other teammates because their remote tools aren’t the same or as accessible. So, what technology applications exist that can bridge this remote gap? Enter Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams: Into a Digital Workplace

Microsoft Teams facilitates an easy move to a digital workplace–wherever that may be.  Offering company-wide chat, video meetings, complete integration with other Office 365 business apps, and the ability to customize teams/department groups gets everyone on the same page, regardless of where they’re working.

We’ve compiled the top five benefits of using Microsoft Teams for organizations:

  • Real-time communication extends to all (including remote) team members
  • Available on all popular hardware platforms including cell phones
  • Instant team messaging saves time by reducing e-mail communication
  • Collaborate on documents and projects as teams in real-time
  • Integrate use with other Microsoft Office apps, including Outlook calendaring

These benefits don’t just help remote workers; they’ve enhanced the ability of every member, company-wide, to stay connected and increase collaboration.

Included with the Office 365 Business Suite

Most businesses use Office 365, and fortunately this includes the benefit of Microsoft Teams as part of the package. Combined with the familiar Office apps commonly used by most individuals, Teams acts as a the ‘glue’ between applications and users working together. The result is a better-connected, agile team with all the tools needed to get their job done and feel the satisfaction of being productive.

Need Help Setting Up Microsoft Teams?

Even though it’s free to use with the 365 suite, you may require assistance from IT support to properly install and configure Microsoft Teams. We’d love to help you with this! At Philantech3, we’ve aided many clients as they transition to a remote, distributed workforce that has successfully implemented their digital workplace. If you’re ready for a Microsoft Teams implementation, call us and we’ll be thrilled to help. We’re always glad when we can match your business objectives with your technology usage.

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