Philantech3’s Ideal Client Profile: Are We a Good Fit?

Over the years we’ve been able to identify the types of clients that have been the most successful fit for our services. We feel like this is an important part of the discovery process for potential clients and…

What Does Our Ideal Client Look Like?

Size of Company:

Our ideal client is generally between 10 and 50 employees. We’ve found that companies with fewer than 10 employees typically are not large enough to get the full value of our offering. We will work with companies with fewer than 10 but do have a monthly minimum fee. We’ve found that most companies that are over 50 employees typically are large enough to have their own internal IT departments. We do work with many companies over this threshold but find the greatest value for both parties when we stick to the 10-50 guideline.

Technology Reliance:

An ideal client for Philantech3 will be reliant upon technology. Typically, most of their work will be done on a computer of some sort. One of our qualifying questions is to determine how long the network/data can be unavailable before it causes a negative business impact. We are looking for businesses that could not fathom the idea of being offline for more than a few minutes without having a business disruption. We specialize in highly available, responsive solutions.


While we service clients throughout the greater Spokane area, we can be the most responsive to businesses that are within a 10-mile radius of our North Spokane office.

Business Segments:

We serve businesses in multiple segments but have had the best results with professional service companies. These are CPA firms, Legal firms, Dental practices, and Medical practices. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but an overall guideline.


We have a proactive, maintenance-based support system. Our main goal is to keep businesses running uninterrupted. We do this in ways that are often invisible to our clients. We’ve invested into automation platforms that recognizes patterns and runs scripted routines to fix problems. For example, we average around 30,000 automated responses on a standard 25 employee environment. We routinely go through the service tickets that are human generated, so we can figure out what we could have done to stop the problem from happening in the first place. We commonly hear from clients that their technology has never run better (less unplanned downtime), but they rarely see us. This can be alarming for some clients, so we like to point this out right up front. Clients who are willing to pay a monthly fee for a network that runs better than ever, are going to love our services. For those that need to regularly see an onsite human technician in order to see value in a monthly service fee, we might not be the best fit.


An ideal client for Philantech3 is willing to form a technology partnership. Every well-run company has divided their work into roles. We are most successful when delegated the role of technology support and are involved in the strategic planning as well as the execution of the plan. We are great at wrench-turning but are much more effective when involved in the planning part as well.

Information Technology Aligned With Your Business Goals?
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