Philantech3’s Ideal Client Profile: Are We a Good Fit?

Do you want to focus your time, energy, and talents on growing your core business…not hiring, training, and retaining IT talent?

What Does Our Ideal Client Look Like?

Size of Company:

Our typical clients range from 25 to 250 employees.  These generally fall into two categories:

  1. Small, growing companies that are surpassing the stage where “ad hoc” IT strategy is sufficient. Most often these are successful small companies that have matured to a point where getting by with self-managed or “fix it when it breaks”  IT just isn’t working.  These companies are frequently frustrated by increasing IT issues, security concerns, or business disruptions.
  2. Larger, more mature companies that have struggled to hire and manage an internal IT team. Normally these companies will have had struggles with an internal IT team of 2-5 people.  As they come to find out, hiring, training, managing, and retaining top IT talent can be a challenge.  We always ask the question:  “Would you rather focus your time and energy on growing your core business or trying to hire and retain an IT team?”

In both situations, we offer an affordable, full-service, fixed-fee managed IT solution that eliminates your IT headaches so you can focus all your attention on growing your company.

Technology Reliance:

Our clients understand that frequent IT-related distractions or downtime have a big negative business impact.  There are significant actual and opportunity costs to those disruptions.  In most cases, a business’ most important—and most expensive asset—is their people.  Every minute, or hour, or day that team members are offline or slowed down due to network or computer issues, causes a major loss in productivity and team morale.  In many cases, our clients can’t fathom being offline for more than a few minutes.

We specialize in clients who need highly available, always-on, always-working, and always-secure technology solutions – so they just don’t have to worry about it!


Philantech3 services clients throughout the greater Spokane area, but often supports satellite or remote offices and workers from anywhere in the country.  We have a particular talent for multi-location businesses and companies with work-from-home employees.

Business Segments:

We service clients across all industry sectors.  Some of our largest and most successful clients are in Accounting/CPA, Medical/Dental Practice, Manufacturing, Non-Profit Services, High Tech, and Legal Services.

Parnering for Win-Win:

Our business model is based on a win-win partnership relationship.  We don’t win unless you win.  Because our pricing is a fixed, flat monthly fee, we are highly incentivized to proactively find and fix the underlying root cause of any issue or potential issue – ideally before our client has even experienced it.  Naturally, the client-side “win” in this equation is a staff that is rarely disrupted or inconvenienced by the IT system.  From their perspective, it just works!   And, of course, for management it is so nice to eliminate the headaches, stress, and time wasted reacting to failures or dealing with staff complaints.

We commonly hear from clients that their technology has never run better.  Clients who are willing to pay a monthly fee for a network that runs better than ever, are going to love our services. Win-Win!


So, an ideal client for Philantech3 will typically have 25-250 employees and are highly reliant on IT technology to run their businesses.  They have a strong desire to focus their time, energy, and talents on growing their core business…not hiring, training, and retaining IT talent.  Most of them are looking for an IT partner to quietly and proactively work behind the scenes to ensure that all things IT are running smoothly, day in and day out.

And that is exactly what we do!

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