Philanthropy + Technology + 3 Core Values
  = Philantech3

Our community has a poverty problem. Poverty is different than just being broke or tight between paychecks.

Poverty is systemic and often leads to addiction, abuse and homelessness. These types of problems weaken and destroy communities. Philantech3 has a mission of caring for the welfare of others. While the day-to-day at Philantech3 is to deliver highly responsive IT services to businesses with 10-50 employees, our philanthropy commitment is to strengthen the communities that we serve. We do this in two separate ways; a proactive solution and a reactive solution. The first helps to bring and retain living wage jobs to the area and the second helps those currently suffering with the curse of poverty.

Philantech3 Objectives:

  1. To provide pro-bono consulting to small businesses that are struggling to stay in business.
  2. To donate time and money to organizations that are on the front lines of the war on poverty.

We’ve chosen to work with the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery and the Union Gospel Mission in the Spokane area.


Poverty often begins before birth with the environment that the baby is born into. The Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery gives the most vulnerable among us a decent shot at life by providing a safe place for children and mothers who are at risk for abuse and neglect. The Union Gospel Mission was chosen because they are on the streets actively helping people that have a desire to change. They exist not to make homeless people more comfortable in their poverty, but to help them escape poverty if they have the desire to change.

It takes money and time to fight the war on poverty. Philantech3 is committed to donating a portion of each quarter’s profit to these two organizations. We have also created an employee program where each full-time employee receives Paid-Time-Off (PTO) each year to be used as volunteer time and does not count against standard PTO.

The war on poverty will not be solved at the government level but at the individual level. We know that the path will not be easy, but we are committed to working to help make our community a better place. Join us and help make a difference!