Philantech3, A Different IT Experience?

Being disappointed by a service provider is frustrating. That's why Philantech3 is dedicated to being different. In this article, I'll show you how.

A Needed Change

Most likely if you are taking time away from leading your organization to find another IT service provider, things have not gone well. You’ve been overpromised and underdelivered. Trust has been broken. It’s a terrible feeling and will probably leave you wondering if your next experience will be any better. Philantech3 is different, and in a second I’ll tell you why.

Not What You Wanted

I know how you feel and want to share a personal story with you that is important in answering the question “can we actually solve your technology problems, or will you be disappointed yet again?” When I was a young kid, the circus came to town. The mailers and advertisements were stunning. I was beyond excited, doing extra chores around the house for money to spend at the circus, and anxiously awaited the day of the event. I arrived at the circus with all my expectations… and it was underwhelming in every way.

The elephants were old and tired, as were the performers. Their tent was smelly and dirty. All the concessions were dirty and overpriced. I tried to put on a brave face for my parents who’d paid too much for the experience, but it was disappointing.

A Solid IT Experience

Fast-forward to my adult career. When starting this company 19 years ago, I was passionate about providing a strong customer experience that was filled with value. 19 years later, Philantech3 is still passionate about providing that value and have built a team that also feels that way. If you’ve had a “circus” experience with another provider, please know that not all providers cut corners, violate trust, and underdeliver. One way to know this is to look at the average customer retention periods of a provider.

We have an extremely long customer retention period because of the value that we consistently deliver. If you will take the chance on working with us, I will personally promise that you will get the technology partner that you are looking for. Your business will run better, and you will have back the time, energy, and focus that has been lost on technology headaches in the past.

Do You Relate?

If it makes sense to start a conversation, please give give me a call.

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