How to Take Care of Your Remote Workers

The trending shift to Work From Home (WFH) isn’t going away. Knowing how to best care for needs of your remote team members is an important process to consider.

The Effects of COVID-19 on Companies

It would be an understatement to say that current working conditions in the US—or world, for that matter—have changed drastically. No one could have predicted where we’d be at today and exactly what it would look like. The global pandemic has changed the way we live and work, with life-altering consequences that could persist longer than any of us imagined. Business leaders bear the responsibility of taking the appropriate actions around these ongoing changes.

Team Members: Your Most Important Resource

When it comes to your company’s most important resources, your team members are first and foremost. Keeping them focused, productive and fulfilled falls on the shoulders of team and company leaders. How can their working needs be addressed if shifting to home-based work in the face of this pandemic? A few important items must be considered to have a functioning, sustainable work from home environment.

Considering Basic Needs

Start with looking at how meshing work and home life will affect team members. A number of new influences are introduced to the mix, and present new challenges to consider. Referring to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, physiological needs are the base, and working upward, factors of safety and belonging lead to esteem and self-actualization. When the workplace shifts to home, each of these needs must be analyzed, starting from the bottom up.



Routines, structure and belonging are key to team member productivity; unfortunately, in an office space these outcomes are much easier to control than at home. Now these factors require extra consideration and planning, since it may not be the best fit for all workers unless certain needs are met first. Leaders can discuss the specific needs with their team members and help them determine if they can fulfil on what’s needed to be productive from home.  You can learn more about Mental Health and Remote Work. TenSpot has a great article highlighting how leaders can Boost Employees’ Productivity in a Remote Work Climate; see further below for a helpful infographic they produced.

Per a recent report by IDC and TrustRadius, team members’ personalities may also affect their ability to succeed working at home, motivationally and personally. There’s risk of those highly motivated employees overworking, which can cause work, family or health-related challenges and even burnout. Team members lacking internal motivation may need extra oversight, interaction and motivation and should be closely guided by team leads.

A recent polling from TrustRadius shows the following are some of the largest factors impacting those who began working from home:


Technology-Related Needs

Simple things we take for granted in an office space may need to be enhanced or furnished in a home environment, including:

  • Comfortable space (adequate for keyboard and mouse)
  • Adequate furnishings (chair, desk)
  • Internet connection and reliability
  • Age and functionality of workstation (including web camera and microphone)
  • Ability to stay connected and closely in touch with team members (MS Teams, Slack, etc.)
  • Secure connection to office files and applications with minimal/no company data accessible

Technology Consulting and Contingency Planning

Do you have everything you need in order to respond to these challenges? Philantech3 wants to help you succeed in accommodating your team members wherever they work and have a satisfying and productive experience. We understand the challenges and frustrations that arise from these issues and will help your business overcome them in order to have the ideal team productivity, regardless of the circumstances. If we can assist with any of your technology planning or needs, call us; we are always glad to assist in your success.

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How to Boost Your Employees’ Productivity in a Remote Work Climate

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