Why Do Business Leaders Need Visibility into Their Technology?

If you can't see what IT issues may be costing your business or limiting productivity, make the needed adjustments for better decision-making.

Key Decision Making

Leaders are expected to have the crystal ball and to be able to react with ninja-like speed to ever-changing conditions. In reality, a good leader is patient, observant, and well-informed (not an exhaustive list). One of the things that we see as we speak to our customers, is the importance of having timely and accurate data to make decisions. The better the data, the better the decision.

Data-Driven Decisions

A simple example of this concept is Internet connection speed. We recently worked with a new customer who has been struggling with slow connection speeds that were causing productivity problems. Without having data to pinpoint the problem, the business leader changed providers and significantly increased monthly expenses. As we inserted the gear into the network and got “eyes” on the bottlenecks, we found that it was an inexpensive component that was throttling the performance for all users.

Another example comes from service ticket analysis. When a user experiences problems with technology, they submit a service ticket. Every time a user has to stop working to submit a problem it costs the company money in lost productivity and lost opportunity. We like to analyze ticket submission patterns to help point out specific hardware and user problems that can be resolved to lower ticket counts. Without this visibility, it’s difficult to gain these efficiencies.

Providing You with Needed Metrics

We’ve created admin reports that are sent to decision makers each month with the data that we feel is relevant. We also create real-time dashboards that allow leaders to instantly drill down into important data to get the information that they need to make good decisions. If you feel that you are forced to make decisions blindly around your technology, please reach out to see how we can help.

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