How to ‘Shutdown-proof’ Your Business Phone System

Most companies weren’t ready when entire teams were sent to work from home during the COVID-19 shutdown. Lack of proper technology and phone solutions affected their ability to effectively work and communicate from home. You can prevent this…

Would You Be Prepared For Another Shutdown?

What if another mandatory shutdown forced your entire team to work outside the office? Would you have the phone system in place for all team members to work without your operations skipping a beat?

One of the biggest initial frustrations businesses felt during the shutdown was their inability to communicate effectively with clients or team members. Simple yet important business phone functionality—such as incoming client call reception, for example—must work perfectly if everyone is working from home.

VoIP Phone Systems Are the Solution

Fortunately, it’s completely possible with a modern VoIP system to work outside your office and maintain the same phone functionality as while in your office. Flexibility and functionality are keys to working remotely – a good VoIP phone system has the ability to customize settings to suit the needs of your remote workers. For example, team members must be able to easily switch calls to a soft phone app or forward after a certain amount of rings on their desk phone, or forward directly to their cellphone.

So what are the key phone system components you need to make sure your team can work remotely?

  • Mobile Soft Phone App – critical for remote call answering on a cell phone or home-based workstation
  • Auto Attendant and Call Routing System – configurable system to route calls to a distributed team regardless of location
  • Call Forwarding and Queueing – hold and transfer calls from one person to another
  • Voicemail to E-mail and VM Forwarding – receive message notifications to your e-mail and forward to other team members
  • Flexible Advanced Features – conference calling, group-based ringing, call recording or monitoring, reporting and analytics – these should all be part of your VoIP solution to suit your business needs.

Which of These Features Does Your Company Lack?

if you’re missing any of these phone system features for proper remote work, now is a great time to cover that base before it becomes another massive inconvenience.  The first shutdown taught us to make our businesses more resilient and flexible; ultimately, you can use the first shutdown as a stress test on your IT and build the ability to operate seamlessly through a second round.

Philantech3 Provides Very Affordable and Flexible VoIP Solutions For Your Business

All these great features may sound very expensive, but you’d be surprised to find this VoIP solution is very affordable. We can provide your business with a VoIP solution that uses an existing Internet connection and costs only $15 per month per user for unlimited calling!  When you combine your softphone with remote control software and team collaboration software, your team members will be able to carry on business as usual in any event, keeping your business operations running as smooth as possible.

If we can assist you with evaluating your VoIP options to shutdown-proof your business phone system, Call us for a consult. We’ll provide you a free test phone so you can try out the call quality and feature set before committing. Do you have questions about your VoIP options?  We’re glad to assist you with any issues that may stop your remote team from working as smoothly as possible.


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