What a Wise Decision Maker Would Want from an Outsourced IT Service Company

What should you make sure not to miss when you're considering the important elements of a Managed IT Services partner?

A Wise Decision Maker

Over the many years of providing service to the Spokane business community, we have identified the key areas a decision maker wouldn’t want to miss when considering an outsourced technology support company.

We are glad to provide this list of key areas because we built our support systems and processes around them, and are proud that we can deliver on each of these important areas of consideration:

  • Partnership and trust
  • Access to a responsive help desk
  • All systems and procedures documented for efficient and reliable support
  • High-level visibility into operations (dashboards, gauges, reports)
  • Matches technology usage with your primary business directives
  • Access to consulting and planning IT around business needs
  • Assurance of business continuity in case of any catastrophic events
  • Competency to deliver on promised services

If you’re putting together the ideal IT team, these are worth fighting for!  We found that those who are unhappy with their technology program have multiple of the above elements missing.

We’re glad to provide references from current happy clients that can talk to you about how we fulfill these important objectives as they advance their businesses.  And that above all is our goal; we want to serve you and deliver excellent IT consulting and support, so you can focus on your own business.