Website Building 101 (What Does a Successful Website Look Like?)

This article talks about the ins and outs of a successful website. Learn how proper website building will elevate your business.

This is a guest post, written by Nicola Reid of Business 4 Today.

A business website is a powerful creature. It can help you rake in revenue, find new customers and gain greater brand exposure. However, by redirecting your website in line with your more extensive growth strategies, you may just find yourself on the fast train to success. So let’s talk about what successful website building looks like.


Below, Philantech3 Consulting Company shares essential tips for building your website, keeping in mind scalability and growth. Let’s get into it.


Index Your Site


According to Website Setup, over 1.7 billion websites are up on the Internet. These sites compete for prime search results real estate, which is why indexing is critical. Connect your website to Google Search Console and use the URL inspection tool to learn if your site is indexed or not. Next, check out this great article by Mox on quick tips for easy Google indexing.


User Experience Needs to Come First


No matter how unique your product is and how stellar your customer response team is, having a terrible website will hold you back considerably. You’re looking to use your website to grow your business – which means it needs to be easy to use for your customers. For example, sites with too much text, heavy images, slow loading pages, distracting fonts, and unclear navigation will be a big no-no. Instead, create a user experience journey map that helps delineate essential customer needs and the website pathways that will help them arrive at that goal.


Streamline Payments


Offering payment options on your website is a great way to cater to your clients’ needs. If your app or site doesn’t provide customer payments, you’re potentially losing out on a lot of revenue. Start by setting up a POS system that allows for expenses and purchases. Next, you will need to incorporate bank account verification API technology to authenticate your client’s account safely. This will give them (and you) peace of mind when conducting payment transactions of any kind.




Another important way to cement your growth is to invest in the efficiency and productivity of your operations. Integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software into the design of your websites is a great way to do this. CRM systems help organize, automate and synchronize company verticals such as sales, marketing, and customer service. It also helps manage business interactions with past and future clientele alike.


Combine this with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to create internal tools to optimize your processes. ERP systems allow companies to manage accounting, finance, HR, manufacturing, and other verticals from one platform. Combining CRM and ERP systems into your website design will be the way to go to make your processes seamless!


Optimize for Conversions


This one is obvious – but conversions equal business growth. How can you optimize your site for more conversions? Well, start by identifying what conversion means to you – it could be buying the product, but it could also be signing up for a newsletter or viewing a specific blog article. Next, use a conversion tracking system (for example, Google Analytics) to log conversions and user paths. Once you start tracking the data, you’ll see patterns emerge, indicating which of your strategies are working (or not). From there, it’s a matter of constantly tweaking to achieve your desired result.


There is so much competition out there, and just having a website isn’t going to cut it anymore. To stand out, you’ll need to ensure each element of your site is aligned to your brand ethos, vision, and values. Successful website building will keep your growth primary and top of mind, which is critical for overall business success!


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