Reliable Backup Solutions Provide Business Continuity

A simple and convenient method is needed to duplicate data stored on your network to an offsite location with cloud-based backup services.

Reliable Backup Services for Peace of Mind

Why a Proper Data Backup Solution Is Important

Are your remote workers having a difficult time accessing and saving documents in a centralized location? How would your business handle a cataclysmal and unforeseen data loss? Is your business subject to industry or government regulations with regard to transmission and storage of data?

Estimates indicate that about 42% of the American workforce is working remotely. If your business depends on technology for its operations, then you realize that data security is crucial. Our data backup service is an effective way to ensure you have a safe copy of your vital information at all times. There are several critical reasons for you to consider storing a copy of your business data in the cloud.

Secure Remote Accessibility to Information

Backing up data in the cloud adds an additional layer of security for the transmission and storage of files. Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure allow you to access your files via a secure login procedure, and the system automatically backs up your files as you work on them remotely. Cloud-based storage also removes the burden of managing fixed hardware systems from your in-house administrators or contracting with outside sources for costly repairs. The benefits of remote storage in the cloud include:

• Reliability
• Security
• Workload reduction
• Cost reduction
• Portability
• Business Continuity

Risks to Your Data

Any number of things could result in the loss of massive amounts of sensitive data. Your business could fall victim to fire, natural disaster, flood, a malicious attack via ransomware, mechanically damaged drives resulting in the loss of large amounts of sensitive or mission-critical data in an instant. Philantec3 offers you a comprehensive cloud backup solution with a focus on keeping your business running smoothly. Allow our offsite storage to protect your business from an unexpected event.

Today, businesses are at risk of losing sensitive data through natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and ransomware – as well as the possibility of accidentally deleted data. With faster and more reliable internet connections, offsite data backup and cloud computing are now more important than ever. An astonishing 93% of professionals use some form of cloud computing services to run their business operations. If you are in the minority or simply want to upgrade your cloud storage, call Philantec3 today. We can provide you with a business-grade cloud backup service at an affordable cost.

Consider storing backups of your business data in the cloud if you are concerned about:

• Secure remote accessibility to information
• Making sure your data is safe
• Complying with regulatory or governmental mandates on data storage

Comfort in Knowing Your Data is Safe

Storing information in a cloud-based system allows for easy but secure access to your offsite files no matter the time of day. If your business is disturbed by a data breach or onsite hardware system failure, cloud-based storage allows you to recover quickly to get back to business as usual. Storing information off-site gives your business an added layer of protection from electronic interference that could erase data or corrupt disks.

Finally, storing data in the cloud can help your business comply with regulatory and governmental compliance requirements for the storage of data. We provide you an affordable way to ensure you meet the requirements of these regulations and ensure that you get:

• Lower overall business risk
• Continuous business operation
• A selling point for potential clients

Philantech3 Provides Enterprise Backup Solutions

It does not matter if your business needs a comprehensive enterprise solution to back up all of your data offsite or a basic solution to house copies of the information on remote workers’ devices, Philantech3 has you covered. These cloud data backup solutions provide a variety of benefits to enhance your data security and availability:

• Simple yet effective backup solutions
• Utilizes encrypted data transfer
• Furnishes secure data storage offsite
• Allows for quick and easy implementation

Call us at 509-590-4240 or contact us today!  Our professional staff can guide you through setting up reliable cloud-based backup services. Get the most affordable and sensible data backup solutions available in Spokane. We support Spokane area businesses, allowing them to securely store remote data networks to complement their on-premises hardware setups.





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