Lessons Learned From the Delivery Driver…

By September 27, 2019 Tech News and Tips

Here’s What I Learned From The Delivery Driver

My office overlooks a parking lot. Today we had some excitement when our delivery driver parked his huge van but didn’t set the parking brake. The van started rolling slowly but quickly picked up speed as it moved down the hill. The van sought out a beautiful truck whose owner had carefully parked it out of the way, to presumably protect his rig from door dings. The van plowed into the truck, pushed it out of the parking lot and through a fence. A bummer on all accounts.

We love our delivery driver. He hustles like crazy to stay on schedule. But any time our driver may have saved over the past 5 years of hustle, was removed in an instant of hurrying too much.

As I thought about this predicament, I thought about the times that I have rushed on a project, or cut corners to “save time”, only to have those projects come back like unstoppable zombies that just won’t die. The lesson in this for me is to slow down. Taking the time to do things correctly the first time will probably take slightly longer than a rush job, but when it’s done, it’s done.

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