9 Questions to Ask When Considering IT Managed Services in Spokane

Are you looking for the right MSP for your Spokane company? If so, here are 9 questions to ask when interviewing MSPs.

Considering IT Managed Services in Spokane

Are you looking for the right MSP for your Spokane company? If so, here are 9 questions to ask when interviewing MSPs.

When you own a small business, budgeting is critical. You have to plan how to spend your money on every purchase in order to stay profitable. But competition is fierce, and new technology can give you a competitive advantage. With the latest IT solutions, you can boost your productivity and efficiency. But how can your small company in Spokane adopt the latest technology and stay within your budget?

There have been a lot of advances in IT network technology related to data management and machine learning. Using machine learning, you have the power to anticipate and fulfill customer needs more easily. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put that powerful technology to work for you?

What is the Solution?

The good news is that there is a way to level the playing field when it comes to IT technology, and that is by using Philantech3 for Managed IT Services. With Philantech3 as your Managed Service Provider (MSP), you’ll benefit from a highly-experienced and well-trained team of technical engineers to install, set up, and train your employees on a customized solution for you within your budget. Using Philantech3, you will get the best pricing on hardware and software for your business.

How Do We Know Philantech3 is the Right MSP for Us?

You don’t have to make any assumptions or judgment calls when you hire an MSP such as Philantech3. Instead, interview them as thoroughly as you would any employee or a new vendor. Ask a lot of tough questions to ensure that this MSP is the right fit for your business in Spokane. Any great MSP like Philantech3 will be focused on the solutions that offer the most benefit for your company to succeed. You should take the time to research Philantech3 to see their company culture is aligned with your own using these questions to get you started.

Contract and Fees

  1. Will you include an assessment of our IT infrastructure before providing projected service fees?
  2. Is your Service Level Agreement consistent for all customers or is this negotiable?

Developing the Service

  1. Do you offer customized solutions regarding growth plans and achievable goals?
  2. What metrics do you use to assess speed, reliability and overall performance?

Data Management

  1. How are data backups and disaster recovery handled?
  2. What measures and processes are in place to protect my data against security breaches or data leaks?

Credibility and Capabilities

  1. What industry credentials or certifications do your company and your technical staff carry?
  2. How does your IT service desk team stay current with new technology developments and trends?


  1. Is emergency support available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week?

What Else Can Philantech3 Do?

Discuss moving your company to the next level of efficiency with your MSP in Spokane. With an initial assessment, Philantech3 can determine how to provide the best results to your customers and your bottom line. With Philantech3, you have a partner to help your company soar.

Information Technology Aligned With Your Business Goals?
Philantech3 is a complete IT services & IT support company working with organizations in Spokane.