Is Your Cyber Security Protecting Your Business?

The right cyber security company will manage all of your cybersecurity needs to protect your business, simple as that. Instead of needing an employee or internal team to keep your tech and data secure, a team with the…

Cyber Security Is Essential In Protecting Your Business

Given how often data breaches make headlines these days, you probably think cybersecurity is only a concern for big businesses. Whether it’s Capital One or DoorDash, they all have one thing in common – they’re big business.

Has that led you to believe you’re flying under the radar? Do you think you’re fine without any cyber security support?

You Need Cyber Protection No Matter How Small You Are

I hate to break it to you, but your size will not protect you.

The truth is that virtually as many small business hacks occur as those that target large businesses. As explained in Verizon’s Data Breach Report and Forbes:

  • 58% of all breaches in 2018 involved small businesses.
  • 43% of all breaches involved small businesses in 2019.
  • Ransomware attacks are still going strong, accounting for 24% of the malware incidents analyzed and is the #2 most-used malware type.

How Should You Approach Cyber Safety For Your Spokane Business?

Follow these three key tips to boost your cybersecurity:

1. Enlist Your Staff’s Help

Train your staff to ask themselves these key questions before opening an email:

  • Do I know the sender of this email?
  • Does it make sense that it was sent to me?
  • Can I verify that the attached link or PDF is safe?
  • Does the email threaten to close my accounts or cancel my cards if I don’t provide information?
  • Is this email really from someone I trust or does it just look like someone I trust? What can I do to verify?
  • Does anything seem “off” about this email, its contents or sender?

2. Backup Your Data

If you have you have a data backup solution, then it doesn’t matter if your data has been encrypted by ransomware. You can just replace it with your backup, simple as that.

That’s why you should make a considerable investment in a comprehensive backup data recovery solution so that you can restore your data at a moment’s notice when necessary.

Be sure to:

  • Back up data on a regular basis (at least daily).
  • Inspect your backups to verify that they maintain their integrity.
  • Secure your backups and keep them independent from the networks and computers they are backing up.

3. Work With A Spokane Cyber Protection Company

When you’re not sure if you have the skills or knowledge to get the job done, what can you do? Consult with Spokane cyber security experts.

The right cyber security company will manage your cybersecurity, simple as that. Instead of needing an employee or internal team to keep your tech and data secure, you let someone else with the skills and knowledge do it for you:

  • Cybersecurity professionals perform regular vulnerability testing as per industry standards to ensure you aren’t dealing with overlooked cybersecurity weaknesses.
  • Cybersecurity professionals help you plan and achieve a secure environment to work in.
  • Cybersecurity professionals provide ongoing service and support for any security-related concerns you may have.

The best way to protect yourself is with a little expert assistance – Philantech3 is here to help.

We can put our big business cybersecurity expertise to work for you, implementing best practices, identifying vulnerabilities, and protecting you against the more common and dangerous cybercrime scams.

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