Winning at Your New Year’s Resolutions

Have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions yet? What do you have planned for next year? More importantly, how can you make and keep meaningful New Year's resolutions for yourself? Keep reading...

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions may have become a bit of a punchline for some of us; we might say this will be the year we finally commit to ‘X‘, and make a plan we’ll see through to completion.

However, by the time February rolls around, many of us have already abandoned those plans – and our resolution along with them. This happens not only in our personal lives but in our business lives as well.

Whether your resolutions concern your fitness, your business, or your IT services in Spokane, they can be difficult to come up with, let alone follow. How can you make and keep meaningful New Year’s resolutions for yourself?  Allow us to give some suggestions…

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Business Leaders

1. Find Someone To Hold You Accountable
As the leader of a business, it’s up to you to hold your staff members accountable to the work they’re committed to doing. But who holds the leader accountable?

Not just in terms of quarterly goals or standard metrics that may be considered by governing bodies (like a Board of Directors) either – what about new initiatives, personal goals, and other commitments a CEO or manager might make?

Your peers are a great tool to help you stay focused on the goals you set. By laying out your goals with someone who understands what you do, following up on them with the same person later on, you’re more motivated to actually see them through.

That’s why you need a buddy – find someone who knows what your life is like, and meet with them on a regular basis to make sure you’re held accountable.

2. Be More Resourceful
Starting up and growing a business is obviously no easy task, but beyond that is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily get easier once the business is established. With each year in business, a company and its management will encounter new obstacles unique to its size, changes in the industry, and other factors.

You can’t expect yourself to do it all on your own, right? Make an effort to find the right people for each task, and trust them to get it done, instead of trying to do it by yourself.

There is power in delegation – don’t try to undertake tasks that are better suited to someone else on your team. Why would you try to manage your own IT, when you could outsource your IT services? That’s just one example – there are surely other opportunities in your organization to delegate.

3. Plan Ahead
Every successful business has one thing in common – strategy. Are you thinking ahead? Have you brought in the right people to help you develop a strategy?

Every aspect of your business needs to be planned out in advance to make sure your next initiative is successful. But again, don’t try to do it on your own. Build the right teams to help you develop these strategies. Your accountants should be involved in budgeting, your IT services in Spokane should be involved in hardware lifecycle management, and so on.

4. Seek And Provide Support
Even though you’re in charge, you don’t have to be alone.

There is so much value in having the opportunity to talk to other members of the business world that know what your work life is like. Regardless of how much you can vent with family, friends, and staff members, there’s no comparison to talking through your challenges with other people that do the same work as you.

Furthermore, make sure to pay it forward. Find someone starting out their career and offer your advice and insight. Mentorship can be highly rewarding to both parties.

Whether it’s as a sounding board for a new idea you have, or just to unload some frustration about the direction of the industry, spending time with peers can be highly beneficial in terms of social factors like stress management.

5. Enhance Your Communication
The core of this resolution is quality instead of quantity. Sending dozens of emails a day isn’t effective, so try to cut back. Practice thoughtful, patient communication that allows the recipient to better understand what you’re trying to get across.

This isn’t just about email – it’s about social media too. As a personal user, and on behalf of your business, don’t overload your followers’ timelines with endless posts. Pick your priorities and create more meaningful content.

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