Law Firms and Technological Innovation to Improve Client Experience

In today’s modern workplace, virtually all industries must adapt to advancements in the realm of technology to stay relevant – and law firms are no exception.

Why Law Firms Must Embrace Technological Innovation to Improve Client Experience

Law Firms and Technology Haven’t Always Gone Hand in Hand, But Nowadays, Clients Are Demanding a More Immersive, Efficient Experience That Requires Innovation in Terms of Digitization.

The legal industry tends to be inherently conservative – following traditions set out before them while remaining resistant to change. But in today’s modern workplace, virtually all industries must adapt to advancements in the realm of technology to stay relevant – and law firms are no exception. Clients are demanding a more immersive, efficient experience from the lawyers they choose to protect their best interests. And nowadays, technology has made it easier for consumers to access information and find competitive alternatives more efficiently than ever before. Although many law firms have started with various tools, such as:

  • Case management systems
  • Billing and/or accounting systems
  • E-discovery systems

In many cases, it’s simply not enough as clients aren’t benefiting directly from the various tools the average law firm utilizes. Instead, technology needs to be seen as a catalyst for delivering legal services in a client-focused manner. What does this mean? Essentially, law firms must achieve the following:

  • Greater collaboration between attorneys and clients on case documents and other relevant information.
  • Higher investments into training their workforce on an ongoing basis to better leverage the tools available.
  • Greater melding of technology with human resources to automate time-consuming tasks and optimize performance.

Technology needs to be viewed as an integral part of the workforce, but people need to be onboard to make it happen. When technology is appropriately used, law firms can alleviate existing pain points as they improve efficiencies, reduce risks, and ultimately, enhance the client experience to be more immersive.

Do Law Firms Need a Technology Partner to Embrace Digitization for Improved Client Experience?

The simple answer? Absolutely. As the average law firm tends to steer clear of innovation, it’s vital for law firms to work with an experienced technology partner who can emphasize the benefits of digitization – both internally and for clients – to all attorneys involved in the change. Lawyers tend to be wary of changing the way they work. For instance, if an attorney has been reviewing client contracts via the same methodology for years, they’re likely to resist a new machine-learning powered tool unless it’s combined with the support of an experienced technology partner.

Philantech3 has been working with law firms throughout Spokane, WA since 2002. We’re a trusted technology partner with a clear communication process that helps law firms embrace digitization for the improved client experience. Our team knows the importance of ongoing training and support to help you keep up with the evolving world of technology. We focus on:

  1. Helping you sort through the plethora of legal technologies available on the marketplace to select the right mix of hardware and software.
  2. Offering responsive training and/or support for attorneys who are hesitant to change the way they’re working.
  3. Creating a technology roadmap that aligns your innovational goals with your technology while keeping track of upcoming projects, purchases, etc.
  4. Safeguarding all confidential client information with a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity that covers all computers and devices connected to the network.

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