Get To Know Our CEO

By August 9, 2019 Tech News and Tips

Philantech3 founder and CEO Wil Buchanan was recently featured on I Heart Media’s On The Air as a guest during their CEOs To Know segment. This segment highlights business leaders whose companies are helping to drive the local economy and positively impacting the local business community.

During this short segment, Wil covered a lot of ground, discussing not only P3 and their role within the Spokane business community, but his interest technology, his journey building a business, and the P3 team’s shared passion for both the local business community and the greater Inland Northwest business community.

As this segment is focused on the CEO as much as the company they run, Wil also had the opportunity to share his perspective on his role within the company, his approach to leadership and his relationship with his team, the role he believes a leader needs to play in order for a business to succeed, and the importance of having a work/life balance.

That balance is especially important to Wil, and his take on the often complicated relationship business leaders have with their companies says a great deal about the kind of person he is. It’s a great bit of insight that is worth taking the time to listen to, regardless of the role you play within your own company.

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