Enhance Employee Productivity Through Gratefulness

Can creating a "grateful" culture in your company enhance employee productivity? See the data. Find out how much a little gratitude can benefit your company.  

Cultivate a Grateful Workplace & Enhance Employee Productivity

Can creating a “grateful” culture in your company enhance employee productivity? See the data. Find out how much a little gratitude can benefit your company.  

When you approach the world with a heart of gratitude, your days just seem to run more smoothly. You notice those little efforts those around you make to do the right thing, even when things go wrong. You acknowledge the person who let you into traffic on that busy side street.

But what about enhancing employee productivity? Could cultivating gratefulness actually increase how much you and your workers get done? Let’s take a look!

1. Boost Employee Happiness

A Fidelity study found that 90% of Millennials would be willing to take a pay cut to work in a positive work environment. Knowing this isn’t free rein to underpay workers. But it says something about how much creating a happy work environment means to some people regardless of the generation to which they most relate.

Cultivating gratefulness is a great way to generate a happier place to work. And it all starts with you. When you show genuine gratefulness down to the front line, gratitude spreads. But why are grateful workplaces happier places? Delving into more ways gratefulness enhances productivity, explains this happiness factor.

2. Reduce Time Spent Complaining

According to Harvard Business Review, the average employee spends about 2.5 hours a week complaining.

“My computer’s slow.” “This task is mind-numbing.” “C-suite doesn’t understand what we do down here.”

What’s all this complaining costing you?

When people in your organization feel gratitude, they’re more likely to see the good in customers, co-workers, their jobs and more. Less time complaining means more time focused on work. People feel better and it enhances employee productivity at the same time.

3. They Feel Appreciated

People who feel appreciated want to do a great job. They don’t want to let you down. Valued employees feel less stress when they need to go the extra mile because they know you recognize their effort.

4. Happy Employees; Happy Customers

The results of your gratefulness efforts are tangible. Happy work environments generate 20% greater production. And customers feel it too because sales go up by 37%. Happy, grateful employees treat each other, the company and customers right.

Cultivating Gratefulness in Your Company

A simple “thank you” goes a long way. But actions speak louder than words. Show that you value your employees by investing in them. Invest in education. Make capital investments in tools that streamline their work. Take time to understand their pain points and help all employees achieve.

Working with a top-notch IT company here in Spokane is a great way to cultivate gratefulness in this way. Less down-time. Workstations running smoothly. You’re working with an expert who can help you do a cost-benefit analysis for technologies that will make employees more productive. A cybersecurity expert works with your employees and the latest technology to keep you safe. That sounds like a lot to be grateful for!

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