Is Your IT Team Playing At The Varsity Level?

If you're not sure your IT team can handle the opponents lined up against them this year, then consider developing your Varsity Team by adding Philantech3's experience and IT knowledge. If you choose to make Philantech3 a part…

Is Your IT Team Playing At The Varsity Level?

If the financial analysts are correct, we are heading into a business climate that will be unlike any that we’ve seen in our lifetimes. As a business leader, this can be daunting for you.

To use a sports analogy, you may face the toughest opponent your team has ever faced. As the “coach” in this scenario, it’s up to you to recruit, train, and field the best team to take on this challenge – the Varsity Team. Are you and your staff ready? If you’re not sure your IT team can handle the opponents lined up against them this year, you may need to think about developing your Team.

IT Is More Important Than Ever

The degree to which you integrate technology into your daily processes gives it the potential to seriously affect your productivity, service quality, and bottom line. If you don’t have your IT performing at Varsity Team level, you may encounter a series of insurmountable and costly obstacles. Consider:

Failing to have Varsity Team-level performance can cost you money, put your business at risk, and prevent you from keeping up with more forward-thinking competitors.

Does Philantech3 Have A Spot On Your Varsity Team?

As the coach, you’re going to have to find the right team members to make sure you fill every crucial role on the Varsity Team. Philantech3 is available to help in whatever way you need it.

We’ve been playing this game for almost 20 years. During that time, we’ve built a playbook for technology that helps you succeed – it’s based around a tried and tested 3-step process:

  1. Discover (We take an inventory of where you are now)
  2. Implement (We roll out the technical processes needed to stabilize your technology)
  3. Maintain/Protect (We keep the technology running smoothly and the bad guys out)

Combining your team’s knowledge of your business and our team’s experience and skill with IT will create something more reliable than either one on its own. As a part of the Varsity Team, Philantech3 will:

  • Add our capabilities to your current IT team, providing the exact amount and type of support they need.
  • Help you improve your team’s knowledge base and skills.
  • Support you in improving your cybersecurity and make sure you benefit from greater IT efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.

Field The Varsity Team More Easily With 3 Months Of FREE Service

We know that change can be expensive, so we are stepping up to help offset that. Sign up with us, and you’ll get the first 3 months of support for free. You pay for your licenses, but all support is free for 3 months –  Claim your three free months right now.  Do you have questions? Schedule a Free Consult Now with one of our experts to enhance your team’s game.


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