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      Meet the team

      Ian Hansen

      Service Director

      Ian heads up our operation team and makes sure that everything happens when it should happen. He and his team do an amazing job!

      Wil Buchanan

      Managing Partner

      Wil is one part executive, one part entrepreneur, two parts geek and three parts dad. Too many parts?

      Michael Wallstrom

      L3 Tech/ Automation

      Micheal eats, sleeps and breathes automation and documention. Favorite quote “Can that be automated?”

      Russ Hardy


      Russ has a passion for growing businesses. He is committed to helping make Spokane a better place by helping businesses thrive in our community.

      Cheryl Wood


      Cheryl makes sure that everthing operates smoothly from a finance perspective. If there is a bean to be counted, Cheryl will make sure it is counted.

      Trevor Robertson

      Sys Admin / Project Coordinator

      Sys admin extraordinaire! Trevor is always vetting new technologies that help keep us on the cutting (read bleeding) edge.

      Sara Adams


      Sara is the herder of cats and the doer of impossible deeds. Sara is responsible for the flow of the well-oiled machine that is our help desk.

      Ben Kaeding

      L2 Tech/ Telephony

      Ben is our resident foodie and tries to add class to the rest of the team. Don’t give up Ben! Oh yeah. Ben is also a rockstar technologist. Foodie then geek. In that order.

      Sterling Jahn

      Field Tech

      When Sterling is not traveling around saving the world from old computers, failed hardware and dust bunnies in server closets, he enjoys growing and oiling amazing amounts of facial hair.

      Aaron Ramos

      L2 Tech

      Aaron puts the happy in technical support. Leading our service team in “gold stars” (we get these when our customers really like our support), Aaron is always a friendly voice when things go south.