IT Solutions – How Can YOU Cover Your Bases?

Knowing which are the most important technology levers for your business can seem overwhelming. But they don’t have to be! We’ve complied a list of the top five IT elements you need to handle to keep your company…

Too Busy for Information Technology?

Running your business and team requires you to juggle a lot of balls in the air. You may already be dealing with issues around your product/service, operations, or even staffing, and one of the last things you need is chronic IT problems cropping up to make things worse.

But when prioritizing everything on your list, technology issues can often take a back seat which leads to more serious long-term issues that can really drag down operations. You can learn more about quantifying the actual cost of IT problems from our blog.

The Most Important Bases to Cover

The good news is, you don’t need to know every little detail about how to fix the technology problems facing your company. In fact, you shouldn’t need to if you’re making the best use of your time as a business leader—those decisions should be made with input from competent IT support, which in turn helps you focus on your own work.

So what are the main technology elements you can address to keep your workplace running as smooth as silk? Here is a list of the top five IT bases to cover for your business:

  1. Responsive Support – When technology issues come up and are swiftly resolved, your team can stay productive and work on the things that matter. Quite simply, tech problems need to be solved quickly; downtime and inefficiencies are expensive when your team is unable to work to their full potential—and they affect your business’ profitability in many negative ways.
  2. Predictable Billing Costs – Knowing what you will spend on technology helps with company budgeting and cash flow planning. Controlling spending is key for a healthy business.  If your tech expenses vary from month to month—especially when there are surprise costs—getting a handle on your it spending can be an extra frustration.
  3. Avoidance of Data Loss and Other Business Disruptions – A well-run technology infrastructure provides the stability and confidence your team requires to be as efficient and profitable as possible.  If any issues arise that stop your team from working, your company loses time and money.  But if a stable working environment is present, everyone wins.
  4. Separation of IT Support from General Staff Responsibilities – When your team keeps focusing on your business objectives and avoids getting roped into technology issues, they can perform towards your company’s bottom line. Unless you have a dedicated full-time IT support member on your team, spending your and other staff members’ time on technology issues detracts from focusing on primary responsibilities.
  5. Secure Network and Cloud Applications – Your data and team members must work without being exposed to serious online threats. Your business must be protected from cybersecurity risks that will impact your company. Moving from “wondering if” your network is secure, to knowing that it’s protected, is of the utmost importance and will keep your business solvent.

As each of these pain points is addressed, your workplace can become amazingly efficient. A happy, productive experience for your team leads to happy clients, more profitability, predictability for your business, and an overall smooth experience.

Expert Technology Guidance

If you want to improve on these important areas of technology information for your business and get things running as optimally as possible, we would love to provide you with the solutions. With our flat-rate services, we are completely confident that every single one of these key areas can be addressed to your satisfaction—and bring unprecedented stability and productivity to your operations.

At Philantech3, we’ve assisted many of our clients through the journey of stabilizing their operations, and their efficiency and satisfaction have skyrocketed. Get in touch with us and we’ll be thrilled to help you with the same.


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