Internet Marketing Tips for Building Your Small Business

What your business needs for a successful web-based presence.
Guest posting by Nicola Reid.

In an “everything online” world, there’s no arguing that every business needs to have a web-based presence to be successful. This is of special importance to small business owners who need to be visible and well-poised to compete with their larger counterparts. Philantech3 Consulting Group can help you enhance your company’s productivity through innovative IT solutions as you start developing a comprehensive online marketing strategy using the following five internet marketing tips:

Business Basics

According to Inc., writing a comprehensive business plan will put you in a position where you’re prompted to consider all operational functions of your company. This will include everything from your management structure, your target demographic, your pricing approach, identifying vendors and funding opportunities, and taking care of basic startup needs. These may include opening business accounts, developing a branding and marketing strategy, placing advertisements where appropriate, and joining industry associations to help you boost your marketplace presence.

The Website

Small companies need robust websites. Entrepreneur says your website should include elements such as a captivating and engaging landing page, detailed information about products or services, and an overview of the company and its leadership. If you’re selling products online, you’ll also need a professional photo gallery and a shopping cart function. It should be easy for customers and prospects to reach you, so put your social media links, email, phone number, and address front and center. You may also want to run a news feed or have a blog. A blog, in particular, can be great for people in creative fields or in industries where people search online for advice.

Social Media

Having a regularly updated social media presence provides small businesses with a great opportunity to interact directly with consumers. You may opt to live stream events, post product demonstrations, provide tutorials on different subjects, or upload photos or discount codes. For a social media strategy to be effective, you have to work the system. That means regular postings, responses to input and feedback, and engaging contact. A social media manager can go a long way in helping you achieve these goals. Even if you don’t need someone on staff full time, hiring someone for a consultation and start-up tips can be worth the investment.

Appropriate Software Programs

As they say, there’s an app for that, and as such, using appropriate applications and programs can help you streamline your business, improve your productivity, and manage your time. If you’re collaborating with others, primarily staff or freelancers, project management software programs like LiquidPlanner, Wrike, Workfront, or Slack can help ensure you’re all on the same page with regard to project status updates. When you introduce new software, it’s important to train those who will be using it to ensure its effectiveness. Having IT support and robust cybersecurity protections can also save you time and money while protecting your data and your reputation.

Training and Education

While ongoing professional development is helpful in any line of work, if you’re a small business owner, making sure you’re current on best practices in your industry will be essential to your success. Consider advancing your business acumen via the web with an online degree program. Many online programs provide a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to choose how, when, and where you learn. Pursuing a business degree like an MBA can help you learn management and operational skills and position you to grow your business.

Small business startups absolutely must take advantage of a robust Internet presence to help advance their objectives. If you have the money to invest in professional-level web design and a social media launch, it can be well worth the investment.

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