Hiring Veteran Employees

Hiring veteran employees makes good business sense and is a great way to give back.
Guest posting by Kelli Brewer of deploycare.org.

New business owners uncertain about how to bring in reliable and skilled employees may want to consider hiring veterans. When you hire a veteran to work for your business, you are giving them a valuable opportunity to re-enter civilian life. It’s a great way to express your gratitude for their service, but you are also doing yourself and your business a favor since veterans tend to be reliable, hard-working, and already prepared with skills and training. Even if you are hiring a veteran to work in an area in which they have little experience, you can be confident that they will train rigorously and learn quickly. There may even be tax breaks and other benefits for businesses that hire veterans.

Veterans Bring Many Unique Skills into the Workforce

Areas in which veterans tend to excel in are teamwork and leadership since these are integral parts of their training. While many people have few opportunities to learn to work with others in pursuit of common goals, this is something any veteran has been trained to do. You can also expect veterans to be resourceful and adept at problem-solving even in tense situations. Additionally, many veterans are well-traveled and are comfortable working with diverse demographics, as well as aware of different strategies and customs, which could potentially be applied to problem-solving in the workplace.

Areas in Which Veterans are Likely to Excel

Be aware of the kinds of work veterans are likely already prepped to do. This includes work in engineering, transportation, and information technology. Additionally, many veterans have been rigorously trained, physically, and can be relied on to perform well when strength and stamina are called for. Some of the top jobs for veterans after service include law enforcement, health care, and defense contracting. However, even if you are not employing in any of these fields, most veterans still have abilities and training that will be valuable in the workplace.

So How Do You Go About Finding Veteran Employees?

When you craft your job postings, express your business’s interest in bringing in veteran employees. You should then post your job description publicly on employment listing sites or your state job bank. Look for resources that exist to assist veterans in finding employment and share your listing with them. Sites such as Hire Veterans and Veteran Job Listings are great places to post your listing. You can also contact American Jobs Center and talk to a representative about hiring a veteran.

Be Prepared to Assist Veterans as They Transition into Civilian Employment

While veterans enter the workforce with many strengths and abilities, they face particular challenges as they re-enter civilian life. For instance, while veterans are highly adept at utilizing military language to communicate on the job, much of this rhetoric will not be easily understandable to civilians. Veterans may need guidance in figuring out how their training translates to job preparedness and even in identifying which jobs they are well suited for. Bear in mind that many veterans may be recovering from mental or physical trauma, experiencing transition stress, or even dealing with PTSD.

Additional Tips for New Business Owners

If you are starting a business and thinking of bringing in veteran employees, that is a great decision. Other ways you can direct your business toward success include having a good comprehensive business plan, securing the assistance of a reliable accounting service, and investing in top-notch marketing. It’s also important to make sure your business is registered as a legal entity. A limited liability company (LLC) is a good option for most new business owners, but do make sure to do your research. For instance, to register LLC Washington State has its own regulations, so it’s best to work with a formation service that knows the ins and outs. Finally, if you are looking for assistance with IT for your business, reach out to Philantech3 to schedule a consultation.

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