Philantech3 Reveals Proven Secrets to Guarantee the Security of your Windows System

According to a report published by Microsoft, cybersecurity experts discover thousands of server, network, and system vulnerabilities every year. This state of affairs underscores the importance of enhancing security measures and enlisting the services of certified systems administrators…

Proven Secrets to Guarantee the Security of your Windows System

According to a report published by Microsoft, cybersecurity experts discover thousands of server, network, and system vulnerabilities every year. This state of affairs underscores the importance of enhancing security measures and enlisting the services of certified systems administrators and engineers. Experienced cybersecurity specialists like Philantech3 makes it easier to implement effective password protection and other IT security mechanisms.

The need to bolster the security of your organization’s Windows system comes at a time when Microsoft discarded the password expiration policy. This policy shift brings an end to compulsory periodic password changes in the security settings for Windows Server and Windows 10 systems.

Microsoft provides new guidelines for administrators to secure systems and networks. The tech giant noted that the new measures provide improved protection when compared to forcing users to change passwords periodically. However, the requirements for password complexity, length, and history remain in place.

Previously, Microsoft prompted users to enter new passwords every 60 days. Experts later realized that the interval was too long to protect enterprises if cybercriminals were to steal passwords or hashes. On the other hand, shorter intervals may not achieve the desired results since most users make minor, predictable alterations to their existing authentication details.

Password Secrets

Password protection mechanisms

Cybersecurity experts at Philantech3 recommend a wide variety of ways to protect your organization’s Windows system. Configuring Azure Active Directory is one of the most effective password protection mechanisms. The directory comes with robust features to protect user authentication information. To take advantage of the features, simply install the relevant agents

Microsoft provides access to a global banned list of the most commonly used passwords. You can customize the list with the password protection feature. As a certified Microsoft systems administrator, Philantech3 has many years of experience configuring the active directory to maximize password protection in Spokane. The managed IT firm can help you maximize the benefits of the Azure Active Directory.

In many cases, hackers apply attack strategies that involve the numbers game. They spend considerable time focusing on a high-value target or focus on hundreds of users in a technique known as password spray. To counter these attacks, system administrators need to ensure that users’ passwords are unique and long.

Likewise, using passphrases as opposed to passwords enhances server and network security. A passphrase incorporates spaces and is usually longer than a password.

On the other hand, Philantech3 recommends simulating cyber attacks using the Advanced Threat Protection feature in Office 365. The feature enables you to test the strength of passwords by simulating phishing and other attacks against several variations. The resultant data is useful for training employees and compiling an inhouse list of banned passwords.

Eliminating the use of passwords is another viable option. Your organization can rely on IT security solutions like FIDO2 security keys, which allow users to log in using a physical device or biometrics.

Windows server security tips

IT experts at Philantech3 have assisted many organizations to elevate Windows Server security. They recommend employing various strategies to protect your servers.

Some of the most effective ways to secure servers include:

  • Employ the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)
  • Hide server information
  • Employ Windows BitLocker drive encryption
  • Install a firewall
  • Secure the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Perform file and service auditing
  • Deploy advanced intrusion detection systems
  • Keep the server up to date

Hiding the majority of the server information, including version numbers of active software is an essential step. Hackers rely on this type of information to detect weaknesses. Engineers at Philantech3 in Spokane can help you hide any sensitive data about the server and software.

Switching the default remote desktop protocol port to a range like 10000-65535 inhibits unauthorized access. Many hackers exploit the protocol to gain entry.

Windows system: Compliance and security considerations

Implementing newer security and compliance protocols keeps your system secure. Windows for enterprise designed for older versions of apps may not be compatible with the newer systems. For this reason, employ the Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit to align your system with current Windows versions.

Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise come with advanced features designed to bolster security. You will find it easier to detect and eliminate threats. The newer solutions permit integration with cloud-based services. Your organization can leverage Azure Active Directory, which enhances protection for users, devices, and data.

With virtualization-based security, you can activate real-time protection for a wide variety of threats. This feature maximizes boot security and the integrity of code using Secure Boot. Managed IT service providers like Philantech3 can configure the settings to help your enterprise guard against both known and unknown threats.

Securing your organization’s network

Your organization’s network is vibrant and unique; it processes and manipulates data for a diverse array of users. These dimensions add a degree of entropy to your entire operating ecosystem.

To maximize security, focus on standardization, and control. In doing so, you exercise control over the installation of new applications. As a result, it becomes easier to detect the installation of untrusted apps on your network. The same applies to instances when a user acts in contravention of access restrictions and other policies.

Philantech3 cybersecurity specialists emphasize the need to familiarize yourself with ingress and egress network traffic patterns. Understanding these patterns enables you to detect permitted and blocked traffic. This approach plays an integral role in helping you prepare for any breaches.

Constant monitoring and reviewing of security protocols is a vital part of cyber defenses for your network. Losing focus can lead to regression as your network drifts back into entropy and disorder.

For its part, Microsoft provides a wide variety of mitigation measures, which counteract remote network vulnerabilities on the Windows system.

Philantech3 background

Founded in 2002, Philantech3 Consulting Group offers cybersecurity and managed IT services in Spokane, WA, and surrounding areas. Its cybersecurity services cover the detection and removal of malware, controlling network access, data encryption, blocking inappropriate sites, and detecting network breaches.

The firm employs advanced cybersecurity programs and techniques to harden your organization’s IT security. Cybersecurity specialists will help train your staff on how to detect and deal with cyber attacks. Your organization can count on Philantech3 to fix system issues and build a stable, secure IT infrastructure.

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