How Philantech3 Can Help You with Digital Transformation for 2020

DX 2020 is critical for operational efficiency, but most companies can't achieve a positive outcome alone. See how Philantech3 can help via IT management.  

DX 2020 | Find Out How Philantech3 Can Help

DX 2020 is critical for operational efficiency, but most companies can’t achieve a positive outcome alone. See how Philantech3 can help via IT management.  

The new year has made its mark, and digital transformation (DX) has been at the top of your list of priorities as a business owner. Allow Philantech3 to get you started in the right direction. Take a look at some of the ways Philantech3 can help you with your DX 2020 plans through their top-not IT solutions.

Digital Transformation In Spokane Washington

1. See digital transformation becomes an affordable objective.

IDC Corporate reports that money spent on DX will grow by at least 50 percent in the coming three years. You may also be planning to invest money in the digital aspects of your company, but that does not mean you should not invest money wisely. Philantech3 prides itself on keeping its costs for services at a reasonable price point, and they can ensure you utilize DX budget funds the appropriate way.

2. Get help with technical processes whenever you need it.

Implementing new changes in technology will almost always bring about a lot of issues to work through. When these issues come up, it is best if you have IT management in Spokane who is available when you need them. Philantech3 helps here because they offer a 24/7 support desk so you can speak to a live technician when something about a new implement is causing problems.

3. Obtain server monitoring in the cloud and on-site.

With expertise in cloud security, Philantech3 will help you keep all data processes monitored, even those processes that take place outside of your place of business. Monitoring is critical during digital transformation because small issues with things like data migrations can quickly become an enormous problem.

4. Complete a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

No matter how much you plan, the worst can happen in the world of technology. In 2019, cybercrime could be blamed for $2 trillion in losses. By 2021, that number is expected to triple. You may not be able to anticipate a cyberattack or security compromise, but what you can do is have a plan of defense just in case. Philantech3 will help your company create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan if there is ever a data breach or security problem. Plus, you will get secure cloud storage for data backup.

5. Get help in implementing new technology in the workplace.

New technology cannot merely be deployed, and the full workforce will automatically know how to use it. Employees have to be aptly trained and guided with every new program or technical attribute that goes into place. Philantech3 gives you a full department of IT technicians and experts who will provide you with the resources needed to keep your staff in the know about any changes that occur. By ensuring all members of your workforce have a good knowledge base and the tools that they need for software or even hardware changes, they can adapt quickly, so it doesn’t hinder operations.

Find Help with DX 2020 in Spokane

The more hands-on your managed support provider is with your DX 2020 plan, the more successful the outcome will be. Philantech3 is a comprehensive IT management service provider in Spokane with the knowledge and expert technicians to bring your plans for digital transformation to fruition. Contact us today to talk about how we can work hard to create a digital roadmap to follow for your strategic IT plans for 2020 and beyond.

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