Don’t be a failure; Come learn with us!

According a recent article in the Washington Post, 50% of small businesses fail within the first four years of opening their doors. Jay Goltz from The New York Times, says that mistakes caused by the owner are most often the culprit. At Philantech3, our philanthropic mission is to build community by building small business. Join us for our upcoming Leadership Series.

Beginning in early 2017, Philantech3 is launching the “Leadership Series” as a way for small business owners to become small business leaders. This series will focus on the top 10 reasons why small businesses fail. As a group, we will work together, learn together and with any luck, improve our businesses together. Stay tuned for meeting time announcements and signup links.

What the Leadership Series is:

  • A monthly face to face meeting in the Philantech3 conference room
  • Small group setting (we can accommodate 20 leaders at a time)
  • Structured topics that impact every small business
  • Accountability and support structure for business leaders (ever feel all alone at the front of your ship?)
  • A place to participate and interact with peers that are fighting the same battles that you face.
  • A place to give back. If you do business in the Spokane community, the stronger our small businesses are, the stronger are economy is. Please come to the meeting ready to lift others.
  • There is no cost for participation. This is Philantech3’s way of fulfilling our mission of building community by building small business.</

What the Leadership Series is not:

  • It’s not a sales meeting. This is not the place. We are not selling anything and neither should you.
  • These meetings are judgement free. Whether you are just starting out in business, or have been running a successful business for years, we all have new things to learn and to contribute.
  • Exclusive – We do not limit participation in the Leadership series by business size, revenues or number of employees. We only ask that you either have a small business, or will be starting a small business within the next 12 months.