Building Community

We started serving clients in 2002 as Innovation Computing. In 2015 we began laying the groundwork for a company name that would better represent the vision and direction we’ve been going with our service offerings. Starting with our core values and mission statement, we came up with a word combination that embodies what we are trying to achieve. Our new name is derived from Philanthropy (…seeking to promote the welfare of others), Technology and the 3 core values of Integrity, Innovation and Synergy. The name Philantech3 emerged.

We believe in building community. With this name change we are making a commitment to help build community by helping small businesses. Every quarter we will donate our time and technical resources to helping one struggling company. We believe that the bulk of our economy exists on the back of small businesses. Statistically only about half of small businesses are still open after the first five years. Our goal is to seek out these struggling small businesses and help them overcome common business hurdles. We will help these companies with business intelligence, technology, budgeting, and basic accounting. If we can help a small business grow to the point that they are hiring employees and putting people to work, our entire community receives the benefit.

We’re in this business to help our customers grow. The philosophy is simple. We help solve your business problems. You operate a more successful and growing business. We grow along with you. There is no catch and no gimmick. We want you to succeed so we put our many years of experience and best practices to work for you.

If you share our passion for building community and small business, let’s work together!