A Comprehensive Case for Business Sustainability

The mainstream business environment has become more conscious of the need to embrace sustainable business practices.
Guest posting by Julie Morris, life and career coach.

The mainstream business environment has become more conscious of the need to embrace sustainable business practices. While a sustainable business may sound contradictory, it’s possible for a business to ensure less impact on the environment. This is not only possible, but it’s also necessary as it can benefit the environment and the business as well.

There are many ways a business can become sustainable. Some of the ideas include reducing waste, preventing pollution, conserving water, adopting clean energy, and helping the planet be greener by planting trees. When drafting your corporate social responsibility, you must include duties to the environment. If you want ways to make your business more involved in sustainable practices, here are some ideas to consider.

Encourage Employees to Embrace Green Transportation

One of the things you must do is to seek the support of your employees. This is an important step as the benefits can be passed on to other people outside your organization. An idea to work with includes encouraging your employees to embrace green transportation. Air travel accounts for 10% to 25% of the CO2 footprint among international companies. Globally, air travel accounts for 2% of human-induced carbon emissions. An alternative transportation option, for example, using the train, is among the ways to prevent CO2 emissions.

Limit the Need to Travel

Travel accounts for a lot of carbon emissions, impacting the environment negatively. Forms of transportation that rely on fossil fuels contribute greatly to climate change. These include planes and cars, which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In implementing a response to the damage caused by frequent travel, you can offer video conferencing.

This not only supports the environment, but it also affects people positively as they can enjoy a work-life balance. By avoiding traveling a lot, you incur fewer costs, save time, and save the planet.

Sustainable Marketing

Irresponsible outdoor marketing can impact the social environment as it contributes to unsustainable utilization of resources. As a business, you can invest in a program that ensures sustainability in your marketing efforts. In this case, sustainable means the ability of the system to renew perpetually without calling for additional resources. It also means conserving the ecological balance through processes that avoid the depletion of natural resources.

One of the ideas for marketing you can embrace is to switch to digital advertising. This means using services like Google AdWords, which allow you to show ads to people on search results pages. Social media is also a powerful tool you can use to push your ads and reach more people without leaving an impact on the environment.

You can find a social media manager to help you with your marketing campaigns. Hire these professionals on platforms where social media marketing pricing is favorable to your pockets, and you can hire based on experience and skill set. Typically, a social media manager charges anywhere between $14 and $35 per hour but can be more depending on their skills.

Also, you can use IT services from Philantech3 to address any technology headaches you might experience while developing a marketing plan.

Customize Your Supply Chain

If your business sells a physical product, it’s important to analyze the supply chain to ensure it has the potential to offer significant opportunities. These include sourcing materials the right way. Research to know if the vendor who supplies your materials follows sustainable production methods and only partners with companies that put an effort to protect the environment. Also, find ways to reduce the utilization of natural resources. Find ways to use fewer materials and optimize operations to reduce waste.


Protecting the environment is a collective effort. As a business, you have a responsibility to support sustainable processes that ensure environmental conservation. This includes optimizing your advertising efforts to eliminate the use of natural resources. Also, encourage employees to support sustainable practices.

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